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Nekretnine Crna Gora
Arrow (133) BAR
    L (70) Houses
    L (48) Flats
    L (15) Land
Arrow (22) Sutomore
    L (14) Houses
    L (5) Flats
    L (2) Land
    L (1) Hotels
Arrow (31) BUDVA
    L (6) Houses
    L (19) Flats
    L (2) Land
    L (4) Hotels
    L (7) Houses
    L (7) Flats
    L (1) Land
Arrow (3) BEČIĆI
    L (2) Houses
    L (1) Flats
Arrow (3) PRŽNO
    L (1) Houses
    L (2) Flats
Arrow (14) PETROVAC
    L (6) Houses
    L (5) Flats
    L (2) Land
    L (1) Hotels
Arrow (19) KOTOR
    L (16) Houses
    L (2) Flats
Arrow (7) ULCINJ
    L (3) Houses
    L (4) Land
Arrow (12) HERCEG NOVI
    L (5) Houses
    L (1) Flats
    L (6) Land
Arrow (5) TIVAT
    L (5) Houses
Arrow (8) LUŠTICA
    L (1) Houses
    L (4) Land
Arrow (9) VIRPAZAR
    L (6) Houses
    L (3) Land
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Our Current Offers
Arrowkst01: House in Boka Kotorska tea1218481931.jpg
 House of 107 m2 on 200 m2 of plot is situated at the very sea shore, 5 km from Kotor. There is a 10 m sea dock and 12 m of private beach.
Arrowkbo01: House in Boka Kotorska tea1220992998.jpg
 Old stone house of 90 m2 on 240 m2 of plot, on the very sea shore. The house was built in 1602. 
Arrowkbo02: House in Boka Kotorska tea1220993253.jpg
 House of 150 m2 on 500 m2 of plot. First line to the sea.
Arrowkbo03: House in Boka Kotorska tea1220993610.jpg
Stone house of 300 m2 on 300 m2 of plot, first line to the sea.
Arrowss01: Flat, St. Stasije tea1221079874.jpg
 Flat of 40 m2, renovated, with new furniture, 200 m from the sea.
Arrowkbk03: House, Boka Kotorska tea1289646658.jpg
 80 m2 house on 200 m2 plot, 1st row to the sea.
Arrowspr01: Apartment in Prčanj, Kotor tea1231875136.jpg
 31 m2 apartment is situated in an old stone house, first row to the sea.
Arrowkb01: House in Boka Kotorska tea1241295806.jpg
 400 m2 house on 800 m2 plot, excellent, 1st line to the sea.
Arrowkkr01: Villa in Krimovica, Kotor, part I tea1246559141.jpg
3 level villa: 193 m2 ground floor,34 m2 covered terrace, 53 m2 garage, 30 m2 wine cellar, 252 m2 backyard with a swimming pool. Level II: ...
Arrowkkr02: Villa in Krimovica, Kotor, part II tea1246559744.jpg
More photos...
Arrowkko02: House in Kotor tea1256405587.jpg
 155 m2 house is situated in the first row to the sea, on 125 m2 plot. The house has 2 big terraces with a view to the sea and there is anothe...
Arrowkbk01: House in Boka Kotorska tea1247679436.jpg
30 m2 house, 1st row to the sea, with furniture. In good condition.
Kotor/€ 80.000
Arrowkper01: House in Perast tea1282554042.jpg
Ground floor of the house, 60 m2, with a garden 160 m2, and a terrace 30 m2, view to the sea. There is also a basement beneath the terrace, and a s...
Perast/€ 220.000
Arrowkpr02: House in Prčanj tea1227385030.jpg
 House in Prčanj, near Kotor, 50 m away from the sea, 161 m2 on 415 m2 of plot. Ground floor: apartment of 60 m2 + 22 m2 balcony + 11 ...
Prčanj/Kotor/€ 260.000
Arrowkbk02: House in Boka Kotorska tea1249726567.jpg
  140 m2 stone house on 1180 m2 plot is situated in the first row to the sea.
Kotor/€ 600.000
Arrowkko01: House in Dobrota, Kotor tea1239388772.jpg
 Stone house of 220 m2 on 200 m2 of plot, garage, first line to the sea shore.
Dobrota/Kotor/€ 650.000
Arrowkpr03: House in Prčanj tea1228323583.jpg
 300 m2 house on 300 m2 plot is situated in the first row to the sea in Prčanj, Kotor.
Prčanj/Kotor/€ 1.000.000
Hot Offer!! ArrowKP001: House in Perast, Kotor tea1215342426.jpg
 Stone house of 200 m2 on 900 m2 of plot. Beautiful view to the sea.
Perast/Kotor/€ 1.100.000
Hot Offer!! ArrowKBK_662901dls: Stone house in Boka Kotorska tea1173307497.jpg
The house is 200 years old and is situated in the first row to the sea.  It has 200sqm on 1500sqm of land, a garage for 2 cars, terrace of 60s...
Crna Gora/Boka Kotorska/€ 2.000.000
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