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Nekretnine Crna Gora
Arrow (133) BAR
    L (70) Houses
    L (48) Flats
    L (15) Land
Arrow (22) Sutomore
    L (14) Houses
    L (5) Flats
    L (2) Land
    L (1) Hotels
Arrow (31) BUDVA
    L (6) Houses
    L (19) Flats
    L (2) Land
    L (4) Hotels
    L (7) Houses
    L (7) Flats
    L (1) Land
Arrow (3) BEČIĆI
    L (2) Houses
    L (1) Flats
Arrow (3) PRŽNO
    L (1) Houses
    L (2) Flats
Arrow (14) PETROVAC
    L (6) Houses
    L (5) Flats
    L (2) Land
    L (1) Hotels
Arrow (19) KOTOR
    L (16) Houses
    L (2) Flats
Arrow (7) ULCINJ
    L (3) Houses
    L (4) Land
Arrow (12) HERCEG NOVI
    L (5) Houses
    L (1) Flats
    L (6) Land
Arrow (5) TIVAT
    L (5) Houses
Arrow (8) LUŠTICA
    L (1) Houses
    L (4) Land
Arrow (9) VIRPAZAR
    L (6) Houses
    L (3) Land
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Our Current Offers
ArrowPDV_8930: Dobre Vode, land tea1232404222.jpg
Land in Dobre Vode, 229000 sqm. There is a house, water, power electricity, seven old ruins, excellent view to Bar and sea.  Price: 35 ...
Bar/Bar/Dobre Vode
Arrowplbr01: Plot in Bar, on the sea shore tea1216468873.jpg
 Plot of 5000 m2, on the very sea shore, has 3 objects, water, electricity and access road.
Arrowplbr04: Plot between Bar and Sutomore tea1244406749.jpg
 8300m2 plot, on the very sea shore, between Bar and Sutomore, with 2 objects+ a ruin. There is water, electricity and telephone on the plot. ...
Arrowplbr12: Land in Bar, Šušanj tea1280237670.jpg
2300 m2 land, 1000 m away from the sea.
Šušanj/Bar/€ 70.000
Arrowplbr11: Plot, Dobre Vode tea1273312105.jpg
400 m2 plot is situated 40 m away from the sea, below the highroad.
Dobre Vode/Bar/€ 90.000
Arrowplbr13: Land in Šušanj, Bar tea1280238009.jpg
950 m2 land, 1000 m away from the sea.
Šušanj/Bar/€ 100.000
ArrowPBR003: Two plots in Čeluga, Bar tea1215949496.jpg
 Plots of 700 m2 and 2000 m2 are situated in Čeluga, Bar. View to the sea and the city.
Čeluga/Bar/€ 120.000
Arrowplbr05: Plot, Bartula tea1257593142.jpg
3770 m2 plot is situated in fine, quiet place and has a view to the city and sea.
Bartula/Bar/€ 140.000
Arrowpldv01: Plac, Dobre Vode, Bar tea1320005918.jpg
 Urbanizovan plac od 2051 m2, nalazi se u naselju Dobre Vode, i ima pogled na more.
Dobre Vode/Bar/€ 190.000
ArrowDVP_kkdwiue: Dobre Vode, land tea1207383650.jpg
Land in Dobre Vode, 3300 sqm, view to the sea.
Bar/Dobre Vode/Dobre Vode/€ 330.000
ArrowDVP_346: Dobre Vode, land tea1207388497.jpg
Land of 740 sqm, on the beach.
Bar/Bar/Dobre Vode/€ 333.000
ArrowDVP_332135: Dobre Vode, land tea1207388592.jpg
Land in Dobre Vode, 960 sqm,first row to the sea, road.
Bar/Bar/Dobre Vode/€ 550.000
ArrowPDV_uujd893kw: Dobre Vode, land tea1207388852.jpg
Land in Dobre Vode, 6000 sqm, with ruins, excellent view to the sea.
Bar/Bar/Dobre Vode/€ 600.000
Hot Offer!! ArrowPR001: Plot in Bar, Ratac tea1215260185.jpg
 Plot of 3400 m2 is on the very sea shore between Bar and Sutomore.
Ratac/Bar/€ 680.000
ArrowUTJ_883kd: Utjeha, land tea1207388705.jpg
Land of 1950 sqm in Utjeha, 50m from the sea.
Bar/Bar/Utjeha/€ 1.000.000
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